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Great Finds

There are so many great recourses available to help with your growth as a company. We'll keep this page updated with great reads and links to make sure you're always plugged in to the latest trends, ideas and education. You will find great information on topics like business development, branding, employee relations, customer service, marketing and advertising, and social media.

This page will also feature links and examples of marketing that we've come across that stands out for one reason or another. Good, bad or hilarious, we'll post it for your information or pure enjoyment.

Check back often for updates and shoot us an email if you have a recommendation to share.

check this out!

Ads we love and why we do. (Don't get to analytical here. We're not saying we love the brand itself, we're simply giving kudos to the production. We can all appreciate a job well done, right?) We'll add to this list as we find more enlightening, inspiring, innovative and downright hallario TV spots for your enjoyment. Got a good one for us? Click the Share an Ad Link button at the bottom of this page and send us the link and maybe (if we like it and think you're cool) we'll stick it on here.

Enjoy... Clip

lending got it right with this one. It's creative, the point is clear and it's executed perfectly. Plus it's stinkin' hilarious...
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Vonage Clip

lending Vonage has done a great job developing their brand and sending a clear message through their nonsense, low-cost ads.
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Subaru Clip

lending Subaru hit a homerun with this safety brand ad. They targeted parents of teen drivers and nailed the execution. Plus it helps that the little girl is uber cute.
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Audi Clip

lending Audi uses a favorite children's story to show the magic of the Audi brand. It says goodnight to old, outdated luxury and awakens us to the new 2011 Audi A8
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McDonalds Clip

lending McDonalds promotes their kid's happy meal with apple dippers with this fun groovy ad that will have you moving to the beat and watching every second of the ad reminding you how "cool" the happy meal really is.
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reading & links

We've compiled a list of good reads for you to delve into. Obviously, these books have great points along with some ho-hum points and perhaps even a few "we already knew that" points. But, regardless, they offer some new ideas, perspectives and reminders for the smart business person wanting to stay on top of the game. Plus, we saw some stats on how reading keeps our brain cells working and we thought you might appreciate that as well. Send us your feedback after you check one or some of these out. If you have a recommendation, click the "Recommend a Read" button at the bottom of this page and send it our way.

Happy reading...