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At The Chapman Group, we believe that first impressions are not everything. Are they crucial? Absolutely. But studies show that if a company does not continue to impress time and time again, customers will lose interest and take their business elsewhere.

For this reason, we have committed ourselves to offering a wide range of marketing services that will cover all of your branding needs. Together, we'll make you look fabulous, smart and committed to your customers every time they come in contact with you.

If you're tired of all the "cheesy" ads out there (yeah, you know the ones) we promise you this: You'll never get "cheese" from us. Save it for the kitchen. No matter what we're handling, we only do it one way- Stellar. Because we believe you deserve to look as good as you are.

We've been doing this gig for over 12 years and we're still having a blast making our clients look great. Over the years, we've had the opportunity to do some pretty cool things. We invite you to hang out here for a few minutes and sample a few of those projects.








Bathroom Lines
Community Bank Another Bank
Community Bank Bigger Profits
Community Bank Bug Zapper
Community Bank Who Are You
Community Bank Wrong Line
Dog Logic Mimi
Dog Logic Bouser's Breath
Flooring Place
Grizzly Auto
Living Room

(past & present)

Over the years, we've enjoyed working with a lot of great companies. Our client list below represents companies for which we have worked on individual projecs or entire marketing strategies.

Ace Home and Ranch Center
Al Tucker Dry Wall
Athletic Medicine & Performance
Atlas Universal Lifting Systems
Big Sky Case Covers
Bloomin' Youth Nursery
Carpet Brokers
Clearspan Construction
Communication Resources
Community Bank- Missoula
Copper Cup
Dog Logic
Fishin' Finger
Flexsolate Muscle Development System
Frontier Cancer Center
Gateway Community Credit Union
Grizzly Auto Center
King Ranch Golf Course
La Bella Vita
Mann Mortgage
Mathisen, PC
McElmurry Homes
McGowan Water
Mirabel Designs
Missoula Children's Museum
Montana Floorscape Stores
Montana Stone Gallery
New Creations Production
Ortho Montana
Pattee Creek Market
Ponderosa Distributing
Rangitsch Brothers RV and Home Center
Rick's Auto Body
TCI Construction
The Flooring Place
The Living Room